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AUTUMN TERM 2016 will start again:

Monday 5th September: French Schools

Monday 5th September: Highgate School

Wednesday 7th September: Hampstead Schools


We set up the ‘School Bus Project’ 7 years ago in response to the high level of interest from schools and parents.

Our company ‘Transport 4 Schools’  is providing school buses for 19 independent schools in London (Boroughs of Camden,
Haringey, City and Westminster) and 4 french schools in several areas of London.

Our aim is to reduce traffic congestion and pollution around the schools and help parents with the stress of the school run.

We are exclusively dedicated to School Transport. Our bus routes cover around 30 post codes from all areas of London.

With our experience and well motivated team,  it is possible for us to provide and develop a high quality, safe and efficient transport service for children between their home and school.

Councils and schools have been encouraging children to walk, cycle or use public transport, wherever possible  but to little effect on congestion and air pollution. Not only has there been NO reduction in the amount of traffic or air pollution but the school run is now creating more and more stress for parents and children.

We believe that a school bus system is the only viable solution to this large scale problem in London.

Our Service:

We offer a unique service with chaperones, trained by our company, on all our buses, for the primary school routes. This ensures the safety and wellbeing of the children who use our service. The chaperones will accompany each passenger on and off the buses for, both, the morning and afternoon journeys. There are children on our buses as young as 3 yrs old.

We have established a system with most of the schools, whereby they provide assistance in taking the children between the bus and the school.

We feel certain that the journey on the school bus encourage children independence and traveling with children from different ages will develop their social skills and confidence.

We welcome parents’ suggestions for extending our routes further. If there are other destinations that you feel would be suitable please send us an e-mail letting us know. We are happy to plan new bus routes if there is enough demand in your area, or to include your area in an already existing route.

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Read some of the feedback from parents that have use our school buses.